About the Journal

Focus and Scope

IJHN : Indonesian Journal of Human Nutrition  is a nutrition journal that is specific to the aspect of human nutrition and covers the scientific scope of clinical nutrition (including the aspects of cell/tissue research, animal model research, human intervention, biomolecular, nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics, fetal programming, gut microbiota, gut hormone), community nutrition (including the aspects of epidemiology, observational studies, qualitative studies, nutrition education, public health), and food management (including food production, development of functional food, development of recipes related to patient's food intake, and commercial and non-commercial foodservice) mainly from original research and review research.

Peer Review Process

1. Incoming articles will be checked by the editor-in-chief assisted by a team of editors and administrators. Checks will be carried out related to the scope of writing, the accuracy of the template and the completeness that must be met by the author. At this stage the article can be rejected if the scope and standards are not in accordance with what is set by the IJHN : Indonesian Journal of Human Nutrition.

2. Further feedback will be provided and communicated through OJS, this process will continue to be repeated until the article can be declared ready for review by reviewers.

3. Then each article will be reviewed by two reviewers who have been appointed according to the expertise and suitability of the field with the topic of the article written by the author blindly.

4. The next reviewer will review the content/substance of the article written for approximately 2-4 weeks.

5. The next reviewer will propose whether the article that has been reviewed is "accepted", "accepted with improvement", or "not accepted" according to the results of the review process that has been carried out.

6. Then the editor-in-chief will conduct a re-examination and together with the editorial board will decide on the article.

7. The article will be sent back to the author for further revisions to be made and asked to be resubmitted to be checked again by the editor in chief whether the corrections have been made by the input given by the reviewer.

8. If the article has been declared ready, it will be directed to the next stage, namely proofreading. The input results at this stage obtained from the proofreader appointed by IJHN : Indonesian Journal of Human Nutrition will be sent to the author again for re-checking.

9. If the author has agreed to the final article, then the article will be published by IJHN : Indonesian Journal of Human Nutrition.

Publication Frequency

The IJHN is published twice times a year, which is July and December.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides open-access published articles to be able to share research results to support the process of disseminating knowledge globally.