Potensi Ekstrak Etanol Ubi Jalar Ungu sebagai Inhibitor Angiotensin Converting Enzyme pada Tikus Hipertensi


  • Irma Sarita Rahmawati Brawijaya University
  • Soetjipto Soetjipto
  • Annis Catur Adi
  • Aulanni’am Aulanni’am
  • Annisa Rizky Maulidiana




Purple sweet potato, DOCA–salt, chlorogenic acid, antihypertension, ACE-Inhibitor


There is an increasing amount of evidence that oxidative stress related to hypertension can damage the function of diverse structures such as the aorta and kidney. It is a well-established fact that chlorogenic acid and anthocyanin found in purple sweet potato generates bioactive compound with antihypertensive and anti-ACE activities in RAA system. The present study sought to investigate anti-ACE activities in RAA system of extract ethanol of purple sweet potato (EP) in deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA–salt)–induced hypertensive rats (Rattus norvegicus). The rats were orally administrated a 95% ethanol extract of purple sweet potato (var. ayamurasaki) (EP) in a daily dose of 200 and 400 mg/kg body weight also chlorogenic acid (CA) of 700 mg/kg bw for 4 weeks. Activity of renin, ACE, and Ang II concentration were assessed. Inhibiting activity of renin, ACE, and decreasing Ang II concentration after treatment was observed in the DOCA-salt hypertensive rats compared to normotensive group rats; (P<0.05). This is the first report that demonstrates the lowering of blood pressure and anti-ACE in RAA-system effects of an ethanol extract of purple sweet potato, containing chlorogenic acid, in a DOCA–salt model of hypertension.


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